Enigma. Not necessarily given in the form of a query, though it may be so, and is written either in verse or prose. It is more complicated than a riddle, involving greater contrasts and more propositions, and is solved by one letter or word: not a sentence. For example: 'Twas born in affliction, 'twas cradled with care, And has lived ever since in the midst of despair. It dwells in the valley, it glides on the wave, And is highly respected by those who are brave. It darkens, not brightens. - in sunshine it dies, And far from the smile of enjoyment it (lies. In the rainbow it sits, in the stars it has birth, And with angels descending it visits the earth. With Adam it dwelt, and to Paradise came, But Eve knew it not, tho' it shared in her shame. From the dream of our childhood it ne'er can depart, Having fixed its abode in the core of our heart. By the wandering peasant'tis carried along, [song. And the nightingale loves it, though strange to her From the joy of our mortal existence 'tis driven, To find an enchanting asylum n heaven. It mingles in war - as if bound by a spell, And it comes to my lips as I utter - farewell!

Ans. - The letter A.