Florence, still illuminated by alabaster windows ; instead of panes of glass there are slabs of alabaster near fifteen feet high, each of which forms a single window, through which the light is conveyed. The countries in Europe which abound most in alabaster, are Germany towards Coblentz; in some parts of Spain and France, in Italy towards Rome. A new manufacture of basso relievos, from a singular species of factitious alabaster, has been established by M. Letapie, at the baths of St. Philip in Etruria or Tuscany. The stream of these baths deposits a peculiar kind of sand, which when collected and condensed in the cavities of any body employed to oppose its current, acquires the nature, hardness, and colour of alabaster, and assumes the forms of those cavities in which it is thus lodged. When alabaster is burned, it falls to powder, is then used in stucco work, for polishing silver, etc.