Gipsies. This peculiar race of people first appeared in Germany about the year 1517, having quitted Egypt when attacked by the Turks. They are the descendants of a great body of Egyptians, who revolted from the Turkish yoke, and being defeated, i persed in small parties all over the world ; while their supposed skill in the black art gave them a universal reception in that age of credulity and superstition. Although expelled from France in 1560, and from most countries soon after, they are yet found in every part of Europe as well as in Asia and Africa. Having recovered their footing, they have contrived to maintain it to this day. In England an act was made against their itinerancy in 1530; and in the reign of Charles I. thirteen persons were executed at one assize for having associated with gipsies for about a month, contrary to the statute. There were in Spain alone, previously to the year 1800, more than 120,000 gipsies, and many communities of them yet exist in England; and notwithstanding their intercourse with other nations, they are still, like the Jews, in their manners, customs, visage, and appearance wholly unchanged.