Medicine, (The Nauseous Taste Of, Prevented). By chewing aromatic substances, such as orange or lemon peel, cloves or other spice, before taking medicine, little or no taste will be perceived. The mouth can also be thus prepared beforehand by a peppermint lozenge, or even a lump of sugar. 2. Dr. Polli recommends a means, founded on the physiological fact that a strong impression on the nerves (whether of vision, hearing, or taste), renders that which follows less perceptible. Instead of applying to the mouth, therefore, agreeable substances after swallowing nauseous medicines, we should prepare it before, in order that the taste of the medicine may not be perceived. - Aromatic substances, chewed just before, or orange or lemon peel, effectually prevent castor oil from being tasted. In preparing the mouth for bitters, liquorice is the only sweet that should be used, the others creating a peculiarly disagreeable compound taste.