Interesting Statistics. The United States are composed of thirty-one States and live Territories. They contain a population of 27,000,000, of whom 23,000,000 are white. The extent of sea-coast is 12,550 miles. The length of the ten principal rivers is 20,000 miles. The surface of the five great lakes is 90,000,000 square miles. The number of miles of railroad in operation is 20,000, which cost $78,000,000. The length of canals is 5,000 miles. It contains the longest railroad on the globe - the Illinois Central - which is 784 miles. The annual value of its agricultural productions is $200,000,000. Its most valuable production is Indian corn, which yields annually 40,000,000 bushels. The amount of registered and enrolled tonnage is 4,407,010. The amount of capital invested in manufactures is $600,000,000. The annual value of its products of labor, other than agricultural, is $1,500,000. Its mines of gold, copper, lead and iron are among the richest in the world. The surface of its coal fields amounts in the aggregate to 138,131 square acres, the most prolific of which are to be found in the State of Pennsylvania. Within her borders are 80.000 schools, 5,000 academies, 234 colleges, and .3, 811 churches.