Leech Barometers. 1. If the weather proves serene and beautiful, the leech lies motionless at the bottom of the glass, rolled together in a spiral form.

2. If it rains, either before or after noon, it is found crept up to the top of its lodgings, and there it remains until the weather is settled.

3. If we are to have wind, the poor prisoner gallops through its limpid habitation with amazing swiftness, and seldom rests until it begins to blow hard.

4. If a remarkable storm of thunder and rain is to succeed, for some days before it lodges almost continually without water, and discovers uncommon uneasiness, in violent throes and convulsive-like motions.

5. In the frost, as in the clear summer weather, it lies constantly at the bottom; and in snow, as in rainy weather, it pitches its dwelling upon the mouth of the phial,"

The leech may be kept in a common two-ounce phial, about three-fourth filled with water, and covered with a bit of linen rag. In the summer the water should be changed once a week; and in the winter once a fortnight.

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