Lost Sacred Books. I. The Prophecy of Enoch. See Epistle to Jude, 14.

II. The Book of the Wars of the Lord. See Num. xxi, 14.

III. The Prophetical Gospel of Eve, which relates to the Amours of the Sons of God, with the daughters of men. See Origen Contt, Celsum, Tertui, etc.

IV. The Book of Joshua. See Joshua, x, 13 ; Samuel, i, 18.

V. The Book of Iddo the Seer. See Chron. ix, 29 ; and vii, 15.

VI. The Book of Nathan the Prophet. See as above.

VII. The Prophecies of Ahjah the Shilo-nite. See as above.

VIII. The acts of Rehoboam, in Book of Shemaih. See 2 Chron. xii, 15.

IX. The Book of Jehu, the Son of Hanani. See 2 Chron. xx, 34.

X. The live books of Solomon, treating on trees, beasts, fowls, serpents and fishes. See 1 Kings, iv, 33.