The Lead Tree is produced as follows : - Put into a glass bottle about half an ounce of sugar of lead, and fill up to the neck with distilled or water; then fasten to the cork or stopper a piece of zinc wire, so that it may hang in the centre; then place the bottle where it may remain undisturbed. The wire will soon be covered with crystals of lead, precipitated from the solution, and assuming a tree-like form, very pleasing to the eye. For the Tin Tree, proceed as before, and put in three drachms of muriate of tin, and about ten drops of nitric acid. The tin tree has a more lustrous appearance than the lead tree. The Silver Tree is prepared by a solution of four drachms of nitrate of silver, in distilled or rain water, as before; to which add about an ounce of quicksilver. These experiments are easy and interesting.

Metallic Trees 44