Musk. Of all odours the most intolerable to those who do not use it is musk. Many persons are inconvenienced by it to such a degree that they could not stay for five minutes in a room containing the minutest quantity of it. It is also the odour which adheres the longest. A coat upon which musk has been thrown will smell of it at the end of two years, though it may have been during the whole time exposed to the open air; but in apartments it will endure almost for ever. The Empress Josephine was very fond of perfumes, and, above all, of musk. Her dressing-room at Malmaison was filled with it, in spite of Napoleon's frequent remonstrances. Twenty-five years after her death, M. Hagerman, who became the owner of Malmaison, had the walls of that dressing-room repeatedly washed and painted ; but neither scrubbing, aquafortis, nor paint, were able to remove the smell of the good Empress' musk.