Nutmeg. The kernel of a fruit like the peach, which flourishes in the Moluccas, in-Tested with a rind or coat, which is mace. In four years, from 1814 to 1817, 1,800,000 lbs. of nutmegs were imported into Great Britain, and also during the same years, 480,000 lbs. of mace, the principal portion of which were reexported. The annual sale or consumption of each in the United Kingdom, on an average of the 27 years 1797 to 1823, was of mace only 10,500 lbs., and of nutmegs but 25,000 lbs.; the annual average importation for and during the same period of time having been 35,390 lbs. of mace, and 128,500 lbs. of nutmeg. For a long time the Dutch had the monopoly of commerce in nutmegs; but about the year 1770 it was introduced into the Isle of France, and thence subsequently passed into Surinam, the West Indies, and other places, and is now imported direct into the United States, in large quantities.

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