Holyrood (Origin Of). The story Is thus stated : - King David T., being on a hunting match in the forest of Drumselch, near Edinburgh, on a rood-day. was attacked by a large hart, and his life was in the utmost danger. While he was endeavouring to defend himself with his hands against the furious assaults of the animal, a miraculous cross from heaven slipped into his Land, which so frightened the stag, that be retreated immediately. This wonderful circumstance having, of course, put an end to the chase, David repaired to the castle of Edinburgh, where, in a dream, he was instructed to erect an abbey, or house, for Canons Regular, on the place where the celestial cross was put into his hands. In obedience to this visionary command, the king erected an abbey for the said purpose, and dedicated it to the Holy-Rood, or Holy-Cross, and deposited the same therein, Where it is said to have remained till the reign of David II.