Palms. Palms are the most useful productions of Ceylon. First the cocoa-nut, in universal use for food, drink, and the arts of life. The palmyra, nearly as valuable. The areca catechu, whose nuts, the betel and the chunan, are the universal luxury of Asiatics. A tree produces from 500 to l,000 nuts. The sago palm, whose pith, dried and granulated, is in use through Eu-rope, is also pro-lific in sugar. The talipot is famous for its large leaves, (one of which shelters from fifteen to twenty men,) and its fruit. The jack produces fruit as large as a man's body, filled with delicious pulp, and with seeds as large as chesnuts, of which many dishes are made. A Cingalese family live at ease on the produce of a dozen cocca-nuts and three or four jack-trees.

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