Paper. Nowhere is paper so much used as in the United States. In France, with 3.5,000,000 of inhabitants, only 70,000 tons are produced yearly, of which one seventh is for exportation. In England, with 28,000,000 of inhabitants, 66,000 tons are produced. In America, the amount is nearly as great as in France and England together.

Paper. Paper is manufactured of vegetable matter reduced to a pulp by means of water and grinding. For the chief purpose to which it is applied in modern times, the ancients had recourse to a variety of materials; such as stone - tablets of wood, plates of lead, skins, parchment, linen, and, above all, the papyrus. 01 all these articles, papyrus was found the most useful for ordinary purposes as a substitute for paper. The art of making papyrus into paper was invented in Egypt several centuries before the Christian era. The art of making paper of cotton, cloth, or rags, is supposed to have been borrowed from the Chinese or Persians, and introduced into Europe in the eleventh century by the Saracens; the practice of making linen into paper commenced in the twelfth or thirteenth century, and in France and England early in the fourteenth century. (See Papyrus, p. 239).

20 Sheets

1 quire of outsides

24 Sheets .....

1 quire of insides.

25 Sheets . • • • •

1 quire of Printers

20 Quires .....

1 ream.

2 Reams .....

1 bundle.

10 Reams .....

1 bale.