Pores Of The Human Body. The skin of the human body is a very curious object for the microscope. By cutting a thin piece with a very sharp pen-knife or razor, and applying it to a good microscope, a multitude of small pores will be seen, through which the perspirable matter is supposed to be perpetually transmitted. These are best seen in the under or second skin. There are said to be 1,000 pores in the length of an inch; and of course, in a surface an inch square, there will be 1,000,000, through which, either the sensible or insensible perspiration is continually issuing. If there are l,000,000 pores in. every square inch, the following calculation is made of the number contained in the whole body : The surface of the body of a middle-sized person is reckoned to contain 14 feet; and, as each foot contains 144 inches, the number of pores will be estimated at 1,000,000+144+14 = 2,016,000,000, or two thousand and sixteen millions.