Rolling Blinds. There is often a great difficulty in making a blind roll nicely after it has been washed : this difficulty may be effectually obviated by attending to the following directions: - Be careful that in drying the blind, it is not stretched out of shape, by being carelessly thrown upon a hedge of unequal heights, or pegged to a line in a crooked manner. The best mode of drying is to lay it lightly on an even grass plot. When there is a little moisture remaining, fold the blind by carefully placing the two ends exactly together, not the two sides, as is proper in folding most other things: then fold the middle to the two ends, and again fold it in the same direction until it is a convenient width for mangling. There is to he no fold funning from end to end of the blind. It may then he carefully mangled. It must be nailed exactly straight upon the roller, or it will not roll well, whether washed or unwashed