Sub-Rosa. Under the rose - implying secresy, has been said to have originated from the many plots and conspiracies engendered during the wars of York and Lancaster; but it is much more probable that it arose from a custom - now fallen into disuse, but once very general amongst the nations of the north of Europe - ofs spending a rose over the heads of the guests a fests and banquets, to signify, that whatever transpired was of a Confidential nature. Or it may be of a still earlier period, for the was dedicated to Hapocrates (the Egyptian Horus) the god of Silence. In former times - perhaps so still, for all that we know - the Roman pontiff, when he wished to confer particular distinction on a crowned head, consecrated a golden rose, and presented it to the fortunate monarch: both Henry VI. and Henry VIII. were honoured in this manner. It may be interesting to add, that a rose was the device on the seal of the great Reformer, Luther.