Muses (The Nine). The Muses originally consisted of three in number: namely, Mnemosyne, memory; Melete, meditation; Acde, song. They were augmented to nine, because the inhabitants of their ancient town, being desirous of placing in the Temple of Apollo the statues of the three muses, and these being of extraordinary beauty, they ordered three of the most skilful sculptors to execute, each, the statues of the three muses, which made up the number of nine, and from which it was proposed to select the three most perfect statues. But when the choice came to be made, they found the. whole nine 60 beautiful, that it was agreed to take them all, and call them the "nine muses," and place them in the Temple of Apollo as such. From this accident (it is thought) they derived their origin, and the 6ix other attributes of poetry were given as additional sisters.