Forces (The Resolution Of). The resolution of forces is the process by which we can find forces that will produce a motion equal to that of a single force ; to illustrate which we refer you to the following diagram. Let e f represent a boat, f i the rope by which it is drawn along, and also the force of draught. It may then be assumed that there are two forces acting, fa which draws the boat forward, and f h which would draw the head in the direction f h, were it not counteracted by the helm e d. which is parallel to the line f i. When the boat is moving, the resistance of the water acts upon the helm, which may be explained thus : If c a represents the resistance, it may be resolved into a d and e c. Now, as a d produces no effect upon the helm, it is evident that the pressure is in the line e c, which tends to turn the stern of the boat in the direction b e k, and thus counteracts the force of f h.

The Resolution Of Forces 268