The Transplanter. This useful implement is perfectly cylindrical, open at both ends; about twelve inches in length, and six in diameter; made of the best tin plate, and furnished with two strong perpendicular iron handles, a a. It is first applied to the plant requiring to be taken from the bed, by being forced into the soil its full depth, and drawn up with the plant and surrounding earth enclosed in its iron grasp. A hole being thus made in the bed for the reception of a better plant, the latter is lifted from the reserve bed in the same manner, and with the transplanter is inserted in the hole previously occupied by its less beautiful pre-decessor. It will be seen by the figure, that one side of the transplanter is held together by the pin b; now, when the flower is placed in its proper position, and this pin drawn out, the edges of the tube spring open a little, and allow the instrument to be withdrawn from the soil without disturbing the plant. Some, who do not use a trans-planter, cut a flower from the reserve bed, and insert the end of its stalk in a phial of water, sunk out of ordinary vision in the grand bed ; these cut flowers will keep in bloom several days, and can be renewed when requisite.

The Transplanter 257