Walking. To walk gracefully, the body must be erect, but not stiff, and the head held up in such a posture thai the eyes are directed forward. The tendency of untaught walkers is to look towards the ground near the feet; and some persona appear always as if they were admiring their shoe-ties. The eyes should not thus he cist downward, neither should the chest bend forward to throw out the back, making what are termed round shoulders; on the contrary. the whole person must hold itself up, as if not afraid to look the world in the fate, and the chest by all means be allowed to expand. At the same time, everything like strutting or pomposity must be carefully avoided. An easy, firm, and erect posture, are alone desirable. In walking, it is necessary to bear in mind that the locomotion is to be performed entirely by the legs. Awkward persons rock from side to side, helping forward each leg alternately by advancing the haunches. This is not only ungraceful but fatiguing. Let the legs alone advance, bearing up the body.