Warts. Mr. Lawrence, surgeon of St. Bartholomew's, says, the easiest way to get rid of warts is to pare off the thickened skin which covers the prominent wart, cut it off by successive layers; shave it till you come to the surface of the skin, and till you draw blood in two or three places. When you have thus denuded the surface of the skin, rub the part thoroughly over with lunar caustic, and one effective operation of this kind will generally destroy the wart; if not, cut off the black spot which has been occasioned by the caustic. and apply it again; or you may apply acetic acid, and thus you will get rid of it. Eisenberg says, in his "Advice on the Hand," that the hydrochlorate of lime is the most certain means of destroying warts; the process, however, is very slow, and demands perseverance ; for if discontinued before the proper time, no advantage is gained. The following is a simple cure : - On breaking the stalk of the crow-foot plant in two, a drop of milky juice will be observed to hang on the upper part of the stem ; if this be allowed to drop on a wart, so that it be well saturated with the juice, in about three or four dressings the wart will die, and may be taken off with the fingers. They may be removed by the above means from the teats of cows, where they are sometimes very troublesome, and prevent them standing quiet to be milked.