Wheat. The valuable species of grain which, in Europe is what rice is in Southern Asia. Its nutritious quality arises from the quantity of gluten, or glue-like substance which it contains. Its flour, mixed with water, and excited by yeast (a substance already fermenting) ferments, and baked in an oven, constitutes bread, a wholesome food, if not whitened by alum, one-third of which is sulphuric acid, which destroys the stomach. A bushel weighs 56 lbs. and every pound yields 11/2 1bs. of bread ; a sack of flour of 280 lbs. producing 348 lbs. of bread. One pound of wheat yields lOozs. of starch, 1/2 oz. gluten and sugar, and 3 ozs. bran; but other analyses give the proportion of the starch to the gluten, as 3 or 4 to 1. The cut represents a wheat-sheaf as set up and tied together alter reaping. It is then lodged in a barn, threshed, winnowed, and ground into flour.

Wheat. Pennsylvania is our greatest wheat State, estimated to raise 18,250,000 bushels per year. Ohio is next, raising 16,800,000. New York next, raising 16,200,000 Illinois next, raising 14,600,000. Wisconsin, 14,000,000; Virginia, l2,500,000.