These can, by distillation, furnish barium. It is one of the processes for preparing this metal, which, when thus obtained, almost always retains a little sodium.

Applications Of Strontium Amalgams

These amalgams, washed and dried rapidly immediately after their preparation, and then heated to a nascent red

in a current of dry hydrogen, yield a fused mass of strontium.

Applications Of Cadmium Amalgams

Amalgams of cadmium, formed of equal weights of cadmium and quicksilver, have much power of cohesion and are quite malleable; the case is the same with an amalgam formed of 1 part of cadmium and 2 parts of quicksilver. They are used as dental cements for plugging teeth; for the same purpose an amalgam of 2 parts of quicksilver, 1 part of cadmium, and 2 parts of tin may be used.