Tartaric acid........ 10 parts

Sodium bicarbonate.. 9 parts Rice flour........... 6 parts

A few spoonfuls of this, when stirred into a bathtubful of water, causes a copious liberation of carbon dioxide, which is refreshing. This mixture can be made into tablets by compression, moistening, if necessary, with alcohol. Water, of course, cannot be used in making them, as its presence causes the decomposition referred to. Perfume may be added to this powder, essential oils being a good form. Oil of lavender would be a suitable addition, in the proportion of a fluidrachm or more to the pound of powder. A better but more expensive perfume may be obtained by mixing 1 part of oil of rose geranium with 6 parts of oil of lavender. A perfume still more desirable may be had by adding a mixture of the oils from which Cologne water is made. For an ordinary quality the following will suffice:

Oil of lavender.. 4 fluidrachms Oil of rosemary.. 4 fluidrachms Oil of bergamot.. 1 fluidounce

Oil of lemon..... 2 fluidounces

Oil of clove...... 30 minims

For the first quality the following may be taken:

Oil of neroli.....     6 fluidrachms

Oil of rosemary. .     3 fluidrachms

Oil of bergamot..     3 fluidrachms

Oil of cedrat.....     7 fluidrachms

Oil of orange peel    7 fluidrachms

A fluidrachm or more of either of these mixtures may be used to the pound, as in the case of lavender.

These mixtures may also be used in the preparation of a bath powder (non-effervescent) made by mixing equal parts of powdered soap and powdered borax.