The following alloys, principally lead, are used for various purposes:

Bibra Alloy

This contains 8 parts of bismuth, 9 of tin, and 38 to 40 of lead.

Metallic Coffins

Tin, 40 parts; lead, 45 parts; copper, 15 parts.

Plates For Engraving


Lead, 84 parts; antimony, 16 parts.


Lead, 86 parts; antimony, 14 parts.


Lead, 87 parts; antimony, 12 parts; copper, 1 part.


Lead, 81 parts; antimony, 14 parts; tin, 5 parts.


Lead, 73 parts; antimony, 17 parts; zinc, 10 parts.


Tin, 53 parts; lead, 43 parts; antimony, 4 parts.

Hard lead is made of lead, 84 parts; antimony, 16 parts.

Sheet Metal Alloy

Tin............... 35 parts

Lead.............. 250 parts

Copper............ 2.5 parts

Zinc............... 0.5 part

This alloy has a fine white color, and can be readily rolled into thin sheets. For that reason it is well adapted for lining tea chests and for the production of tobacco and chocolate wrappers. The copper and zinc are used in the form of fine shavings. The alloy should be immediately cast into thin plates, which can then be passed through rolls.