Lemonade Preparations For The Sick


Strawberry Lemonade: Citric acid, 6 parts; water, 100 parts; sugar, 450 parts; strawberry syrup, 600 parts; cherry syrup, 300 parts; claret, 450 parts; aromatic tincture, ad lib.


Lemonade Powder: Sodium bicarbonate, 65; tartaric acid, 60; sugar, 125; lemon oil, 12 drops.


Lemonade juice: Sugar syrup, 200; tartaric acid, 15; distilled water, 100; lemon oil, 3; tincture of vanilla, 6 drops.


Lemonade Lozenges: Tartaric acid, 10; sugar, 30; gum arabic, 2; powdered starch, 0.5; lemon oil, 6 drops; tincture of vanilla, 25 drops; and sufficient diluted spirit of wine so that 30 lozenges can be made with it.

Lemonade For Diabetics

The following is said to be useful for assuaging the thirst of diabetics:

Citric acid..........       1 part

Glycerine...........     50 parts

Cognac.............     50 parts

Distilled water......   500 parts

Hot Lemonade

Take 2 large, fresh lemons, and wash them clean with cold Water. Roll them until soft; then divide each into halves, and use a lemon-squeezer or reamer to express the juice into a small pitcher. Remove all the seeds from the juice, to which add 4 or more tablespoonfuls of white sugar, according to taste. A pint of boiling water is now added, and the mixture stirred until the sugar is dissolved. The beverage is very effective in producing perspiration, and should be drunk while hot. The same formula may be used for making cold lemonade, by substituting ice water for the hot water, and adding a piece of lemon peel. If desired, a weaker lemonade may be made by using more water.