Soak 1 pound of good glue in a quart of water for a few hours, then melt the glue by heating it, together with the unabsorbed water, then stir in 0.25 pound dry white lead, and when that is well mixed pour in 4 fluidounces of alcohol and continue the boiling 5 minutes longer.


Soak 1 pound of good glue in 1 J pints of cold water for 5 hours, then add 3 ounces of zinc sulphate and 2 fluid-ounces of hydrochloric acid, and keep the mixture heated for 10 or 12 hours at 175° to 190° P. The glue remains liquid and may be used for sticking a variety of materials.


A very inexpensive liquid glue may be prepared by first soaking and then dissolving gelatin in twice its own weight of water at a very gentle heat; then add glacial acetic acid in weight equal to the weight of the dry gelatin. It should be remembered, however, that all acid glues are not generally applicable.


Glue............   200 parts

Dilute acetic acid..   400 parts Dissolve by the aid of heat and add:

Alcohol..........     25 parts

Alum............       5 parts


Glue.............       5 parts

Calcium chloride..       1 part

Water...........       1 part


Sugar of lead......     1.5 drachms

Alum.............     1.5 drachms

Gum arabic.......     2.5 drachms

Wheat flour.....,.     1 av. lb.

Water, q. s.

Dissolve the gum in 2 quarts of warm water; when cold mix in the flour, and add the sugar of lead and alum dissolved in water; heat the whole over a slow fire until it shows signs of ebullition. Let it cool, and add enough gum water to bring it to the proper consistence.