Take rectified eau de cologne, 50 parts (by weight); belladonna dye, 8 parts; glycerine, 3 parts; rub gently twice or three times a day with half a tablespoonful of this mixture. One may also employ chalk, carbonate of magnesia, rice starch, hot and cold baths of the hands (as hot and as cold as can be borne), during 6 minutes, followed by a solution of 4 parts of tannin in 32 of glycerine.


Rub the hands several times per day with the following mixture:

By weight

Rose water......... 125 parts

Borax............. 10 parts

Glycerine.......... 8 parts

Hand Bleach

Lanolin, 30 parts ; glycerine, 20 parts; borax, 10 parts; eucalyptol, 2 parts ; essential oil of almonds, 1 part. After rubbing the hands with this mixture, cover them with gloves during the night.

For the removal of developing stains, see Photography.