To prepare this, the yolks of eggs, separated from the whites, are thoroughly mixed with J their weight of water. The resulting emulsion is strained and evaporated under reduced pressure at a temperature of 87° to 122° F., to a paste. The latter is further dried over quicklime or a similar absorbent of moisture, at a temperature of 77° to 86° F., and ground to a fine powder.

Egg Oil

Yolks of eggs (about 250)............ 5.0 parts

Distilled water...... 0.3 parts

Beat this together and heat the mass with constant stirring in a dish on the water bath until it thickens and a sample exhibits oil upon pressing between the fingers. Squeeze out between hot plates, mix the turbid oil obtained with 0.05 parts of dehydrated Glauber's salt, shake repeatedly, and finally allow to settle. The oil, which must be decanted clear from the sediment, gives a yield of at toast 0.5 parts of egg oil.

Artificial Egg Oil

Yellow beeswax..... 0.2 parts

Cacao oil.......... 0.5 parts

Melt on the water bath and gradually add 9 parts of olive oil.

Egg Powder

Sodium bicarbonate.. 8 ounces

Tartaric acid........ 3 ounces

Cream tartar........ 5 ounces

Turmeric, powdered. 3 drachms

Ground rice......... 16 ounces

Mix and pass through a fine sieve. One teaspoonful to a dessertspoonful (according to article to be made), to be mixed with each half pound of flour.