The efficacy of these is doubted by good authorities. They should be tested before adoption.


Alum............. 24 parts

Ammonium sulphate 52 parts Ferrous sulphate.... 4 parts


Sodium chloride. ...     8 parts

Sodium bicarbonate    6 parts

Sodium sulphate... .     2 parts

Calcium chloride... .     2 parts

Sodium silicate.....     2 parts


Sodium chloride.... 6 parts Ammonium chloride 6 parts Sodium bicarbonate.. 8 parts


Ammonium chloride 10 parts Sodium sulphate.. . . 6 parts Sodium bicarbonate 4 parts

Oil Extinguisher

To extinguish oils which have taken fire, a fine-meshed wire net of the size of a boiling pan should be kept on hand in every varnish factory, etc. In the same moment when the netting is laid upon the burning surface, the flame is extinguished because it is a glowing mass of gas, which the iron wire quickly cools off so that it cannot glow any more. The use of water is excluded, and that of earth and sand undesirable, because both dirty the oil.