"Black Eye" Lotion

"Black eyes" or other temporary discolorations of the skin may be disguised by the application of pink grease paint, or collodion colored by means of a little carmine. As lotions the following have been recommended:


Ammonium chloride ............     1 part

Alcohol...........     1 part

Water.............   10 parts

Diluted acetic acid may be substituted for half of the water, and the alcohol may be replaced by tincture of arnica, with advantage.


Potassium nitrate... 15 grains Ammonium chloride 30 grains Aromatic vinegar. . . 4 drachms Water to make 8 ounces.


The following is to be applied with camel's-hair pencil every 1, 2, or 3 hours. Be careful not to get it in the eyes, as it smarts. It will remove the black discoloration overnight:

Oxalic acid......... 15 grains

Distilled water....... 1 ounce

Foreign Matter in the Eye

If a piece of iron or other foreign matter in the eye irritates it, and there is no way of removing it until morning, take a raw Irish potato, grate it, and use as a poultice on the eye. It will ease the eye so one can sleep, and sometimes draws the piece out.

Drops of Lime in the Eye

If lime has dropped in the eye, the pouring-in of or the wiping-out with a few drops of oil is the best remedy, as the causticity of the lime is arrested thereby. Poppy-seed oil or olive oil is prescribed, but pure linseed oil ought to render the same service, as it is also used in the household. Subsequently, the eye may be rinsed out with syrup, as the saccharine substance will harden any remaining particles of lime and destroy all causticity entirely.