Platina, 4 pennyweights; pure copper, 2.25 pennyweights; sheet zinc, 1 pennyweight; block tin, 1.75 pennyweights; pure lead, 1.5 pennyweight. If this should be found too hard or brittle for practical use, remelting the composition with a little sal ammoniac will generally render it malleable as desired.


Platina, 2 parts: silver. 1 part; copper. 3 parts. These compositions, when properly prepared, so nearly resemble pure gold that it is very difficult to distinguish them therefrom. A little powdered charcoal, mixed with metals while melting, will be found of service.

Best Oreide of Gold

Pure copper, 4 ounces; sheet zinc, 1.75 ounces; magnesia, 5/8 ounce; sal ammoniac, 11/32 ounce; quicklime, 9/32 ounce; cream tartar, 7/8 ounce. First melt the copper at as low a temperature as it will melt; then add the zinc, and afterwards the other articles in powder, in the order named. Use a charcoal fire to melt these metals.

Bushing Alloy for Pivot Holes, etc

Gold coin, 3 pennyweights; silver, 1 pennyweight, 20 grains; copper, 3 pennyweights, 20 grains; palladium, 1 pennyweight. The best composition known for the purpose named.

Gold Solder for 14- to 16-Carat Work

Gold coin, 1 pennyweight; pure silver, 9 grains; pure copper, 6 grains; brass, 3 grains.

Darker Solder

Gold coin, 1 pennyweight; pure copper, 8 grains; pure silver, 5 grains; brass, 2 grains. Melt together in charcoal fire.

Solder for Gold

Gold, 6 pennyweights; silver, 1 pennyweight; copper,

2 pennyweights.

Soft Gold Solder

Gold, 4 parts; silver, 1 part; copper, 1 part.

Solders for Silver (for the use of jewelers)

Fine silver, 19 pennyweights; copper, 1 pennyweight; sheet brass, 10 pennyweights.

White Solder for Silver

Silver, 1 ounce; tin, 1 ounce.

Silver Solder for Plated Metal

Fine silver, 1 ounce; brass, 10 pennyweights.

Solders for Gold


Silver, 7 parts; copper, 1 part; with borax.


Gold, 2 parts; silver, 1 part; copper, 1 part.


Gold, 3 parts; silver, 3 parts; copper, 1 part; zinc, J part.

For Silver

Silver, 2 parts; brass, 1 part; with borax; or, silver, 4 parts; brass, 3 parts; zinc, 1/18 part; with borax.