A very weak solution of soft soap and pearlashes is used to transfer recent prints, such as illustrations from papers, magazines, etc., to unglazed paper, on the decalcomania principle. Such a solution is:


Soft soap......... 1/2 ounce

Pearlash......... 2 drachms

Distilled water. ... 16 fluidounces The print is laid upon a flat surface, such as a drawing board, and moistened with the liquid. The paper on which the reproduction is required is laid over this, and then a sheet of thicker paper placed on the top, and the whole rubbed evenly and hard with a blunt instrument, such as the bowl of a spoon, until the desired depth of color in the transferrer is obtained. Another and more artistic process is to cover the print with a transparent sheet of material coated with wax, to trace out the pictures with a point and to take rubbings of the same after powdering with plumbago.


Hard soap....... 1 drachm

Glycerine........   30 grains

Alcohol.......... 4 fluidrachms

Water........... 1 fluidounce

Dampen the printed matter with the solution by sponging, and proceed as with I.