Triturate together 1 part of fine soot and 2 parts of Prussian blue, with a little glycerine; then add 3 parts of gum arabic and enough glycerine to form a thin paste.

Washing Fluid

Take 1 pound sal soda, 0.5 pound good stone lime, and 5 quarts of water; boil a short time, let it settle, and pour off the clear fluid into a stone jug, and cork for use; soak the white clothes overnight in simple water, wring out and soap wristbands, collars, and dirty or stained places. Have the boiler half filled with water just beginning to boil, then put in 1 common tea-cupful of fluid, stir and put in your clothes, and boil for half an hour, then rub lightly through one suds only, and all is complete.

Starch Luster

A portion of stearine, the size of an old-fashioned cent, added to starch, 0.5 pound, and boiled with it for 2 or 3 minutes, will add greatly to the beauty of linen, to which it may be applied.