See Cleaning Preparations and Methods.

Kalsomine Sodium carbonate...       8 parts

Linseed oil.........     32 parts

Hot water..........       8 parts

White glue.........     12 parts

Whiting...........   160 parts

Dissolve the sodium carbonate in the hot water, add the oil and saponify by heating and agitation. Cover the glue, broken into small pieces, with cold water and let soak overnight. In the morning pour the whole on a stout piece of stuff and let the residual water drain off, getting rid of as much as possible by slightly twisting the cloth. Throw the swelled glue into a capsule, put on the water bath, and heat gently until it is melted. Add the saponified oil and mix well; remove from the bath, and stir in the whiting, a little at a time, adding hot water as it becomes necessary. When the whiting is all stirred in, continue adding hot water, until a liquid is obtained that flows freely from the kalsomining brush.

The addition of a little soluble blue to the mixture increases the intensity of the white.