An excellent and quickly drying brown varnish for metals is made by dissolving 20 ounces of gum kino and 5 ounces of gum benjamin in 60 ounces of the best cold alcohol; 20 ounces of common shellac and 2 ounces of thick turpentine in 36 ounces of alcohol also give a very good varnish. If the brown is to have a reddish tint, dissolve 50 ounces of ruby shellac, 5 ounces balsam of copaiba, and 2 to 5 ounces of aniline brown, with or without 0.5 to 1 ounce of aniline violet, in 150 ounces of alcohol.

Copper Varnishes

These two are for polished objects:


One hundred and ten parts of sandarac and 30 parts of rosin, dissolved in sufficient quantity of alcohol; 5 parts of glycerine are to be added.


Sandarac......... 10 parts

Rosin............ 3 parts

Glycerine......... 0.5 part

Alcohol, a sufficient quantity. Dissolve the two rosins in sufficient alcohol and add the glycerine.