Dark Blue Wax

Three ounces Venetian turpentine, 4 ounces shellac, 1 ounce rosin, 1 ounce Prussian blue, 1/2 ounce magnesia.

Green Wax

Two ounces Venetian turpentine, 4 ounces shellac, 1.25 ounces rosin, 0.5 ounce chrome yellow, 0.25 ounce Prussian blue, 1 ounce magnesia.

Carmine Red Wax

One ounce Venetian turpentine, 4 ounces shellac, 1 ounce rosin, colophony, 1.25 ounces Chinese red, 1 drachm magnesia, with oil of turpentine.

Gold Wax

Four ounces Venetian turpentine, 8 ounces shellac, 14 sheets of genuine leaf gold, 0.5 ounce bronze, 0.5 ounce magnesia, with oil of turpentine.

White Wax


The wax is bleached by exposing to moist air and to the sun, but it must first be prepared in thin sheets or ribbons or in grains. For this purpose it is first washed, to free it from the honey which may adhere, melted, and poured into a tin vessel, whose bottom is perforated with narrow slits. The melted wax falls in a thin stream on a wooden cylinder arranged below and half immersed in cold water. This cylinder is turned, and the wax, rolling round in thin leaves, afterwards falls into the water. To melt it in grains, a vessel is made use of, perforated with small openings, which can be rotated. The wax is projected in grains into the cold water. It is spread on frames of muslin, moistened with water several times a day, and exposed to the sun until the wax assumes a fine white. This whiteness, however, is not perfect. The operation of melting and separating into ribbons or grains must be renewed. Finally, it is melted and flowed into molds. The duration of the bleaching may be abridged by adding to the wax, treated as above, from 1.25 to 1.75 per cent of rectified oil of turpentine, free from rosin. In 6 or 8 days a result will be secured which would otherwise require 5 or 6 weeks.


Bleached shellac..... 28 parts

Venetian turpentine.. 13 parts

Plaster of Paris..... 30 parts