Powdered benzoin. . 1 part

Alcohol enough to make 10 parts.

Pure saffron, roughly broken up, about 6 threads to the ounce.

Macerate 3 days and filter.

Vary the quantity of saffron according to the shade desired. Mastic and juniper gum may be added to this varnish if a heavier body is desired.


Benzoin, juniper gum, gum mastic, equal parts.

Dissolve the gums in 9 times their weight of alcohol (varied more or less according to the consistency wanted), and color to the desired shade with threads of pure saffron. This varnish is very brilliant and dries at once.

India-Rubber Varnishes


Dissolve 10 pounds of India rubber in a mixture of 10 pounds of turpentine and SO pounds of petroleum by treating same on a water bath. When the solution is completed add 45 pounds of drying oil and 5 pounds of lampblack and mix thoroughly.


Dissolve 7 pounds of India rubber in 25 pounds of oil of turpentine. By continued heating dissolve 14 pounds of rosin in the mixture. Color while hot with 3 pounds of lampblack.

Inlay Varnish

Ozokerite........... 17 parts

Carnauba wax....... 3 parts

Turpentine oil....... 15 parts

Melt the ozokerite and Carnauba wax, then stir in the turpentine oil. This varnish is applied like a polish and imparts to the wood a dark natural color and a dull luster.