The following formulas make a product of excellent quality:


Ivory black....... 120 parts

Brown sugar...... 90 parts

Olive oil......... 15 parts

Stale beer........ 500 parts

Mix the black, sugar and olive oil into a smooth paste, adding the beer, a little at a time, under constant stirring. Let stand for 24 hours, then put into flasks, lightly stoppered.


Ivory black....... 200 parts

Molasses......... 200 parts

Gallnuts, bruised. 12 parts

Iron sulphate..... 12 parts

Sulphuric acid. ... 40 parts

Boiling water..... 700 parts

Mix the molasses and ivory black in an earthen vessel. In an iron vessel let the gallnuts infuse in 100 parts of boiling water for 1 hour, then strain and set aside. In another vessel dissolve the iron sulphate; in another, 100 parts of the boiling water. One-half of this solution is added at once to the molasses mixture. To the remaining half add the sulphuric acid, and pour the mixture, a little at a time, under constant stirring, into the earthen vessel containing the molasses mixture. The mass will swell up and thicken, but as soon as it commences to subside, add the infusion of gallnuts, also under vigorous stirring. If a paste blacking is desired the preparation is now complete. For a liquid black add the remaining portion of the boiling water (500 parts), stir thoroughly and bottle.