The plating of metal surfaces is accomplished in four different ways: (1) By oxidation, usually involving dipping in an acid bath; (2) by electrodeposition, involving suspension in a metallic solution, through which an electric current is passed; (3) by applying a paste that is fixed, as by burning in; (4) by pouring on molten plating metal and rolling. For convenience the methods of plating are arbitrarily classified below under the following headings:

1.   Bronzing.

2.   Coloring of Metals.

3.   Electrodeposition Processes.

4.   Gilding and Gold-Plating.

5.   Oxidizing Processes.

6.   Patina Oxidizing Processes.

7.   Platinizing.

8.   Silvering and Silver-Plating.

9.   Tinned Lead-Plating.

10.   Various Recipes.