Alcohol, 95 per cent..   300 parts

Benzol..............   700 parts

Gum benzoin.......       8 parts

Sandarac...........     16 parts

Mix and dissolve. Use   as French polish.


Beeswax....... . .. 2,500 parts

Potassium carbonate ............. 25 parts

Oil of turpentine... . 4,000 parts

Water, rain or distilled...........4,500 parts

Dissolve the potassium carbonate in 1,500 parts of the water and in the solution boil the wax, shaved up, until the latter is partially saponified, replacing the water as it is driven off by evaporation. When this occurs remove from the fire and stir until cold. Now add the turpentine little by little, and under constant agitation, stirring until a smooth, homogeneous emulsion is formed. When this occurs add the remainder of the water under constant stirring. If a color is wanted use alkanet root, letting it macerate in the oil of turpentine before using the latter (about an ounce to the quart is sufficient). This preparation is said to be one of the best polishes known. The directions are very simple: First wash the surface to be polished, rinse, and dry. Apply the paste as evenly and thinly as possible over a portion of the surface, then rub off well with a soft woolen cloth.