The preparation of the squill as a rat poison can be effected in several different ways. Usually, after the removal of the outer peel, the bulb is cut up into little slices and mixed with milk and flour; these are stirred into a dough or paste, which, with bits of bacon rind, is put into the oven and baked. Another plan is to grate the squill on a grater and mingle the gratings with mashed, boiled, or roasted potato. This method of preparing them necessitates the immediate use of the poison. The following is, however, a stable preparation that keeps well:


Hog's lard......           500 grams

Acid salicylic....               5 grams

Squill..........               1 bulb

Beef suet.......50 to 100 grams

Barium carbonate..........           500 grams

Solution of ammonium copper acetate, 20 per cent......             50 grams

Cut or grate the squill into very small pieces, and fry it in the lard and suet until it has acquired a dark-brown color and the fats have taken up the characteristic squill odor; then to the mess add the other substances, and stir well together.


Squill, bruised...... 4 ounces

Bacon, chopped fine 6 ounces Flour or meal, enough. Water, enough. Make into a stiff mass, divide into small cakes, and bake.