Tincture cantharides, 1 ounce; camphorated oil, 0.5 ounce. Apply a portion with friction 3 times a day until a blister shows. As it subsides apply again.

Horse-Colic Remedy


In making a horse-colic remedy containing tincture of opium, ether and chloroform, to be given in tablespoonful doses, apportion the ingredients about equally, and mix the dose with a pint of water.

Other formulas are: II

Chloroform anodyne 1 ounce

Spirit of nitrous ether........... 2 ounces

Linseed oil........ 13 ounces

Give in one dose and repeat in an hour if necessary.

Condition Powders


Sulphur, 2 pounds; Glauber salts, 1 pound; black antimony, 1/2 pound; powdered blood-root, 4 ounces; copperas, 1/2 pound; rosin, 1/2 pound; asafetida, 2 ounces; saltpeter, 1/2 pound. Powder and mix well.


Gentian, 4 ounces; potassium nitrate, 1 ounce; sulphur, 4 ounces; ginger (African), 4 ounces; antimony, 4 ounces; rosin, 2 ounces; Fœnugreek, 2 ounces; capsicum, 2 ounces; serpentaria, 2 ounces; sodium sulphate, 9 ounces; flaxseed meal, 16 ounces. All ingredients in fine powder. Dose: 1 tablespoonful in feed twice a day.