[Fr. babouin, and babines, large lips.] A kind of monkey with a short tail, very fierce and dangerous, and not so often tamed as others of the Monkey tribe. It is found in the hottest parts of Africa and in Siam. Its long snout or lips give its head somewhat the shape of a dog's head. It lives chiefly on fruits, corn, and roots, and has large cheek pouches in which its food is kept until needed. The baboons are quadrupeds living on the ground, and running swiftly on all fours, while many of them live in herds, and are formidable to animals and property. The troops are led by patriarchs and guarded by sentinels, and fight fiercely when attacked. There are many kinds of baboon, but the best known are the pig-tailed, the dog-faced, and the mandrill. The nose and cheeks of the mandrill are ornamented with red and blue stripes, and its appearance is made remarkable by other patches of gaudy color.

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