[Fr.] The flesh of an ox or cow when slaughtered for food. Beef contains fibrin and albumen, which are good flesh-forming materials, and the value of meat is chiefly due to the presence o f these two sub-stances. The methods of cutting up an ox into beef vary in different countries. In this country it is cut up into 17 parts - (1) shin, (2) clod, (3) neck, (4) cheek, (5) chuck rib, (6) middle rib, (7) fore rib, (8) sirloin, (9) shoulder, (10) brisket, (11) thin flank, (12) rump, (13)aitch or edge bone, (14) buttock or round, (15) veiny, (16) mouse buttock, (17) leg. Corned beef is made by soaking lean parts in a pickle of saltpetre and sugar.