[O.E] A climbing and perching bird,. about twice the size of a lark, which feeds on caterpillars, grubs, and insects. The cuckoo does not build a nest, but places her eggs in the nests of other birds. Sometimes the birds turn the strange egg out, but oftener the mother bird takes it under her care and hatches it with her own. Though the cuckoo egg is small, the young cuckoo is larger than those young birds in the same nest, and turns all the other young birds out, and often kills them. The tree-cuckoos of America also have this peculiarity. The cuckoo is called "the harbinger of spring," because it comes over the sea when winter is gone, and its cry of " Cuckoo ! cuckoo ! " seems to say that spring is come. The Arabs think the bird says "Yakub 1 " hence they call it Yakub's (or Jacob's) bird.