[AS ] A shrub or tree with shining, prickly, and smooth and wavy leaves and scarlet berries. The common holly grows in Europe, and in some parts of Asia. It is largely used for hedges, and forms an excellent fence. The American holly is found along the coast of the United States. It grows to be a tree of cousider-able size. The wood of both kinds is very hard, fine-grained, and almost as white as ivory, and is much used by cabinetmakers, turners, and musical instrument makers. The bark yields a substance from which bird-lime is made, and is used as a febrifuge, while the berries are a violent purgative. Branches of holly are largely used at Christmas for decoration. The Brazilian or Paraguay holly yields leaves from which the mate or Paraguay tea is made. It is more exciting than ordinary tea, and if taken to excess produces a kind of intoxication.