This animal belongs to the genus Canis, and has a close resemblance to the dog and the fox. The common jackal is of a grayish-yellow color, about 3 feet in length and 14 inches in height, with short ears and small eyes. Jackals sleep during the day in holes and burrows, and go out at night to hunt in packs, sometimes more than a hundred together. They keep up a constant howling, making the night hideous in the regions where they abound. Their food consists chiefly of carrion and decaying matter, but they also enter houses or tents, and are the pests of the poultryyard. The common jackal is found in Africa, from Barbary southwards to the Cape of Good Hope, and in Persia, Syria, and the southern regions of Asia. The striped jackal, the jackal-wolf,and the black-backed jackal are different species, all found in Africa.