In nautical language a division of the log-line serving to measure the rate of a vessel's motion. The log-line is divided by knots into sections, and the number of sections which run off in half a minute show the number of geographical miles or knots per hour at which the vessel is going. A geographical mile or knot is 6,086 feet, while an English statute mile is 5,280 feet. (See Log.) Knots. There is an almost endless variety of knots, most of them in use on board ship, though different occupations using ropes, cordage, etc. have special kinds of knots. Knots used by sailors differ in form, size, and name according to their varied uses; as the diamond-knot, overhand-knot, bowline-knot, buoyrope-knot, reef-knot, shroud-knot, stopper-knot, etc.

Crossed slip knots

Crossed slip-knots