[AS. man.] Man is the chief of mammals, the superior of all animals, the only one which walks erect, and the only one which talks. He excels all other animals not only in body, but in mind. This enables him to reason and to invent, and to have power over the elements and lower animals. The mind is seated in the brain, and man has a much larger brain, in proportion to the size of his body, than any other animal. The human body is made up of the head, trunk, arms and legs. The head contains the brain and the organs of hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting. The trunk is divided into two parts by a partition called the diaphragm. The upper part, called the thorax or chest, contains the heart and lungs;.and the lower part, larger than the upper, called the abdomen or belly, contains the stomach, intestines or bowels, liver, and kidneys. The arms and legs are made up of a framework of bones joined together by ligaments.